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Case Study | Cruise Control | Import and Export

Simplify the supply chain management process

Initial Situation

Our customer is shipping around 2.000 import and 1.500 export containers per year. During our cooperation and communication it turns out, that the company could use a platform to book transports, optimize shipment related communication, and exchange documents to simplify their processes. That was when we introduced Cruise Control to them as an all in one platform for their needs.

Messenger function

We implemented Cruise Control with the specific functionalities they needed.

  • Cruise Control is being used for their customer booking process, which allows them to book their transports in detail on the platform. The data entered by our customer is directly transferred to the FMS order interface and allows our operators to turn this data into a shipment instantly. In this way, we reduce avoidable e-mail communication, shorten the booking coordination and create the flawless transfer to our internal booking system. Nevertheless, a direct contact person is always at hand for questions.
  • We simplify the shipment related communication for the customer users with the messaging function in Cruise Control. This functionality enables FMS and all customer users to communicate on shipment level via an embedded messenger chat. Thus, we can simplify the communication and it takes place in a structured form, viewable for everyone involved, with no room for errors or misunderstandings.
Document function
  • Furthermore, the customer uses the document function. This allows both customer and FMS users to upload defined document categories, e.g. Bill of Ladings (BLs)-, commercial invoices, shipping lists. Also, we integrated a document approval process, which can be used for documents containing critical information which needs to be checked in advance of the shipping process, e.g. BLs. Acting like this, the e-mail traffic could be reduced significantly and the working process is much more efficiently - this applies to customer and FMS users.

We were able to significantly streamline and simplify booking processes and communications with the customer, which save time in terms of shipment creation and processing. Both ensure flawless communication and execution due to the structured character of the data exchange. The customer users are happy that FMS could improve their everyday work with the use of Cruise Control.

More information about Cruise Control

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