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Our company's fundamental stance is one of responsibility and holistic thinking. Already today, we are thinking and acting with consideration for the world of tomorrow. This is something we implement systematically, from our collaboration with our customers to building up our sites around the world and, in particular, how we treat our employees.

Our CSR Policy

We are responsible.

Responsibility is embedded in our strategy and we aim to ensure that our employees, customers, partners and the communities around us benefit from our actions and presence.
Our culture and business ethics are guided by responsibility, which means far more than just legal compliance and philanthropy. It is an integral part of who we are and what we do.

Dominik Lucius | Managing Director Fr. Meyer's Sohn

Responsibility for our employees
  • Occupational safety and health
  • Training and development on an equal basis
  • Work-life balance
  • Voluntary social benefits and perks
Responsibility for our employees

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Responsibility for our customers and partners
  • Transparent processes
  • Data protection
  • Efficient, customized solutions
  • Quality/ISO certification
  • Compliance
Responsibility for our customers and partners

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Responsibility for our environment
  • Internally: resource-conserving operations
  • In our customer contact: efficient transport logistics and handling
Responsibility for our environment

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Responsibility for society
  • Voluntary work
  • Donations
  • Familiarization and information opportunities
  • Safety
Responsibility for society

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  • „Dedication on both sides – we get our coworkers on board around the world and allow them to suggest ideas and initiatives which will further expand our responsibility in all areas.“

    Nadine Kinscher-Masur | Corporate Head of Marketing Fr. Meyer's Sohn
Compliance | Code of Conduct


society, our business partners and competitors, our employees and shareholders in order to be able to sustainably grow and continue to exist. In order to maintain our commitment to quality and fulfill our vision we have to face globalchallenges and take advantage of our opportunities. We can only succeed in this if each individual at FMS has internalized our values, lives them out, and carries them forward to ourcustomers. Our reputation is decisive for our collective success. The following principles andvalues are therefore binding for the management, executives, and employees of Fr. Meyer's Sohn.

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  • „At FMS, I can put all that I have learned during my education into practice. I enjoy a fantastic work environment with great teammates, always willing to help you in difficult moments. And on top this, I have a job that is never boring and that constantly challenges me. We are all empowered to take responsibility and lead.“

    Customer Service Spain | Barcelona
  • „FMS provides an excellent working environment, characterized by the constant exchange of information and experience within the global group, tailor-made digital platform solutions, and training to support our customers in the best way.“

    BDM Hong Kong
  • „Fr. Meyer's Sohn is characterized by short chains of command, so every individual is given a high amount of responsibility. I find that remarkable.“

    IT Germany | Hamburg