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Rotterdam | Niederlande

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How many employees work at FMS Rotterdam?

Currently we have 25 staff members in our branch office.

Are there any staff events at the Rotterdam branch?

We recently had an informal dinner & drink with a team of 15, organized by staffs themselves. In December we kicked off Christmas holidays with a dinner, drinks and pop quiz combination. November we celebrated the opening of our new office with relatives of our staff and some close customers and partners. We enjoy celebrating together.

What kind of jobs are there at FMS Rotterdam and what are typical tasks?

We have a wide variety of functions we handle next to container forwarding activities. We do own custom declarations, captains room handlings, and continuously work on good understanding and focus on intermodal solutions. Our finance team coordinate's invoice handlings, treasury, local - and group reporting. KPI monitoring focus of file quality is an integrated element of our work process.

Why is the Rotterdam office a great place to work?

FMS NL is a great place to work thanks to the nice balance of professionalism, dedication and team work. The ambiance strives for customer satisfaction and all staff are stimulated to find creative individual solutions for each transport. We believe that if you work hard you deserve a good lunch; a result is our daily fresh delivered lunch where we release pressure and enjoy an informal stay together.

Nadine Kinscher-Masur

Corporate Head of Marketing | Fr. Meyer's Sohn


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