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Mexico City | Mexico

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How many employees work at FMS Mexico?

We are a team of 65 logistic service specialist.

Are there any staff events at the Mexico branch?

Yes, every year we celebrate our office Anniversary on April 13th, the Mexican Independence Day on September 16th, our Traditional Halloween Costume Contest at October 31st, Día de Muertos Ofrenda on Nov. 2nd and the end year Christmas Dinner.

What kind of jobs are there at FMS Mexico and what are typical tasks?

We have sectioned our areas depending the main responsibilities to follow as Commercial Development, Finance & Administration and Customer Service & Operation. Main task are being in coordination and constant communication with customers and vendors to create a satisfying customer experience that result on a final product that may add value to our customers logistics chains.

Why is the FMS Mexico office a great place to work?

At FMS Mexico we are proud to work together as a team and support each other, even though we have different responsibilities. We all are focus on the same goal, which is to create added value with our daily activities that may impact positively our customers. We believe in our people and we are constantly committed to improving, learning and empathizing with customers and our own colleagues. We respect and learn from the different experiences that each of our colleagues can bring to the organization to be ready to face the constant challenges that our world demands.

Helen Romero | FMS Mexico

3 Questions to Helen Romero, FMS Mexico

1. What is your job at FMS Mexico?

My name is Helen Astrid, I´m the Sr. Supervisor of Customer Service on MexBo department. My team of almost 25 people and I handle the managed business accounts, such as Georgia Pacific Cellulose, GP Harmon, Kruger, WM-Recycle, Canusa, etc. Our main goal is providing a specialized, coordinated and efficient customer service experience. In order to do so I´m constantly studying the current process and implementing strategies and operational process (including ITN tools, mainly Cruise Control) to create improvements on productivity level and our daily operations, so we can have optimal use resources.

My biggest goal is to promote customers loyalty by providing an exceptional service, with efficient and fast solutions to any operational difficulties, on this changing logistics world, we are currently living. I'm responsible of the communication between our customers and their managers in PA office as well as the communication between our staff and our local manager.

2. How was your professional development at FMS?

My previous experience before FMS was working with Maersk, where I develop a lot of customer service and organization skills. Here at FMS I started as Jr. Coordinator, working for different FMS offices all in USA and Canada. I remember we were only 6 persons in all MexBo team, I honestly didn´t notice when we have grew up so much, but I feel proud of all the team, especially of my colleagues that work with me on a daily basis.  

I have also grow here, I apply for being customer service agent, which was the thing I was looking for since I say “yes “ to the job on 2016. Seven years later I´m the supervisor of the department I love the most. And still loving and enjoying my daily work, with all the people of the different FMS offices I work with.

3. What makes FMS a great employer for you?

Because it doesn´t feel like work, it feels like playing and learning along your family,  we are committed to do our best and keep improving and growing, we trust in our team everybody develops a sense of team work and urgency at the same time understanding that we need to keep a high quality standard on all our activities, the commitment of all the team working together to achieve goals and the daily challenges we might face, is impressive, I have never knew another place where you can feel this energy, it´s contagious.

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