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Madrid | Spain

We are there for you worldwide. Every location and its teams are important to us, so we would like to introduce them to you.

How many employees work at FMS Madrid?

We are 7 people in the team, six women and one man. The FMS Madrid´s teams is a young, very professional, and compromised team. We create a very good atmosphere at work, with open communication, collaboration, and mutual support. This smooth running of the office help us to build strong, long-lasting relationships between colleagues.

Are there any staff events at the branch?

Of course, Madrid is known for its after-work meetups. It's always a good time to bring food to the office and share lunchtime together. Or go out once a week to eat together. This year, for the first time, the Fr. Meyer's Sohn Madrid office attended the Cocido Fair. Where all the logistics professionals gathered to have a good time and share experiences in a relaxed atmosphere.

What kind of jobs are there and what are typical tasks?

The Madrid office has grown a lot in recent years. It started its new journey 5 years ago with two salespeople and one traffic operator. Nowadays, the Customer Service department is the one that has grown the most. We have 5 people in the department and 1 intern, 1 salesperson, and a branch manager. We work every day to improve our services to our clients. That's why we are implementing a multiplier assistant in each office to control the quality of data in each shipment and each file.

Why is the FMS Madrid office a great place to work?

The main reason why FMS Madrid is the best place to work is because of the people who make up the team and make it possible. From the beginning, a lot of work has been done to create a good working atmosphere among everyone, and that makes the daily work connection between everyone unique. It promotes companionship, respect, and unity as a group. One of the priorities at FMS Madrid is to help each of its members balance their life with work, making their commitment and dedication to the company even greater. In addition, our office is in one of the best locations in Madrid. If you like football, you will love it as we are at 300 meters from Real Madrid stadium.

Vanesa Romero | FMS Madrid

3 Questions to Vanesa Romero | FMS Madrid

1. What is your job at FMS Madrid?

I am part of the Customer Service team. My main role is to manage the shipments of our clients from the moment they accept the quote from the sales department. I organize the loads and work with carriers and shipping companies to ensure that the entire shipment process runs smoothly and successfully. In addition, I am now part of the Multipliers team. We work together to ensure that the data we input into our systems is of high quality, so that in the future we can offer our clients better services regarding their shipments.

2. How was your professional development at FMS?

I started my journey at Fr. Meyer's Sohn in September 2018. I returned to Spain after 3 years working and studying in London. The Madrid office welcomed me with open arms, as they were starting a new growth project for the office. I believed in the project and little by little, we have doubled the staff since we started. I have taken on new challenges during this time, taking charge of the office's accounting and improving and optimizing processes. Now, I am part of a new project on the Multiplier team where we try to gather quality data for each shipment, helping all team members learn to use the company's computer tools.

3. Why do you like working at FMS?

From the management team to the branch managers, they are approachable people with whom you can talk about any topic, both professional and personal. They care about everyone as a team and as individuals, and they help you in whatever you need. You truly feel like you are in a big family where everyone matters.

Stefano Bertucioli | FMS Madrid

3 Questions to Stefano Bertucioli | FMS Madrid

1. What is your job at FMS Madrid?

I am the Branch Manager of the Madrid office. My main responsibility is to supervise all departments, focusing on the constant development and growth of the office. Currently, my main function is to search for new business and methods to make the Madrid office grow. Additionally, I am part of the sales team this year, where we regularly share ideas and focus on how to best use our tools to attract new accounts.

2. How was your professional development at FMS?

I started as a Shipping Coordinator approximately 6 years ago, managing customer operations. However, at that time the Madrid office did not have many clients, so I also performed commercial functions to attract new accounts and manage their traffic. After many efforts and calls, we managed to attract new accounts, which meant that I performed both commercial and customer service tasks for these accounts. Later on, as the office grew, I became a Business Development Manager, focusing solely on commercial functions. During this time, the account portfolio grew exponentially, and so did the Customer Service team. Finally, after the departure of the previous Branch Manager, the general management of FMS Spain entrusted me with the management of the Madrid office. For 4 years now, I have happily been serving as Branch Manager (and hopefully for many more years to come ;) ).

3. Why do you like working at FMS?

One of the main reasons why I feel comfortable working in this company is the good atmosphere we have. The familiar and close atmosphere is amazing. Personally, I am grateful for the trust placed in me during all these years and the freedom with which I have been able to make decisions. This has personally helped my growth and that of the Madrid office.

Nadine Kinscher-Masur

Corporate Head of Marketing de Fr. Meyer's Sohn


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