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Whether your goods are in bulk, liquid, or bagged form, our experts will ensure that our service meets the highest shipping and delivery standards.

Importing and exporting beverages safely and efficiently is often a complex process, requiring cross-border collaboration and in-depth knowledge of customs and phytosanitary regulations - ensuring compliance and avoiding delays.

In the demanding beverages sector, where challenges include tough timelines, erratic volumes, time and heat-sensitive products, volatile climate conditions, and poor infrastructure, Fr. Meyer's Sohn has cultivated unrivalled competencies and delivers innovative solutions.

Beer, juice, spirits, water, wine - transporting beverages safely and efficiently requires a lot more than just moving them from A to B. It often includes cross-border, customs, inspection, temperature control, and a tight control of the lead times for pre-carriage and on-carriage shipping as well as long-haul transportation.

To ensure your beverage arrives at its destination on time while meeting the highest shipping and delivery standards, we have made the whole supply chain visible and transparent with our unique Cruise Control platform.

The various types of beverages, such as beer, wine, spirits, and fruit juice, and their packaging 

- glass, cans, casks, or flexi-bags/flexi-tanks -
all require specific handling, shipping, and storage solutions. 

  • Direct pick-up and transportation of loose or palletized goods from producers
  • Bulk wine transportation using 20-foot ISO steel tanks or flexi-tanks in 20-foot containers
  • LCL/FCL dry and reefer
  • Thermal insulation on demand
  • Buyers' consolidations
  • Bulk liquid by ISO tank and flexi-tank

We can issue all the relevant documentation (EMCS and DA500) in your name. Plus we have AEO certification which reduces the risk of customs inspections and cuts taxes for some tariff items.

Our experienced beverage specialists can guide you through the maze of regulations and formalities.

  • Assistance with regulations such as labeling and documentation
  • Advice on export grants, valuation procedures, tariffs, and GST
  • Efficient customs clearance of import and export cargo
  • Calculation of excise rates for beer and spirits
  • Reporting of excise and payment of duties
  • Claiming of excise refunds, drawbacks, and remissions
  • Maintenance of accurate excise records and registers
  • Re-packing and palletization services at origin country for export

To preserve the quality of your liquid cargo, we adhere to all food safety and hygiene standards. We can maintain a fully temperature-controlled supply chain from pick-up through to delivery.

We ensure that your beverage products are kept at their optimum conditions.
Plus if you're worried about how your goods are going to be loaded, our beverage experts can check this procedure on-site so that everything is done properly and with the protection measures required for your goods to travel safely.

You'll also have access to all the documentation related to your shipment through our Cruise Control platform, where you can also track your cargo online and check it is on time.

  • FCL shipping: perfect for large bottled product loads
  • LCL shipping: ideal for shipments of small quantities or samples
  • Air freight: for urgent consignments of small quantities such as samples, goods for fairs and international events, or for preventing stockouts for your customers and distributors
  • Land transport: we pick up your goods from your warehouse whether it's a single pallet or larger loads for both domestic and international shipments

Further request or in need for more information?
Please contact: Beverages @ FMS

Our Services

Cargo Protection Solutions

We provide the following anchoring and fixing solutions to preserve your products and prevent cargo shifting inside the container:

  • Airbags: beverage pallets cannot be stacked because the upper layer's weight might damage the lower one. So we inflate raffia or cardboard bags with air and fit them into the container's empty spaces to fill gaps and stop the cargo from moving.
  • Protection bars: goods anchoring system placed inside the container that prevents the cargo from shifting.
  • Slings: tape that holds and grips goods so they don't swing inside the container.

Temperature and HumidityControl Solutions

We provide the following temperature and humidity control solutions to ensure your products reach their destination without losing any of their properties:

  • Thermal insulation: prevents outside temperature changes from affecting the inside and protects beverages from humidity and condensation. The most common types of thermal insulation are thermal blankets or thermal panels for the entire container and thermal covers for individual pallets.
  • Reefers: recommended for high-quality products, very sensitive goods, or destinations with extreme weather conditions. They control temperature, ventilation, and humidity throughout the logistics chain.
  • Non-operating reefers (NOR): reefers that are not operative, i.e., not refrigerated, with isothermal walls that reduce the impact of sudden temperature changes.
  • Thermographs / Iso kits/ Ryan: devices fitted inside containers which measure temperature across the logistics chain and ensure we've chosen the best option for transporting your beverages.
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