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FMS HongKong Colleagues

Hong Kong | China

We are there for you worldwide. Every location and its teams are important to us, so we would like to introduce them to you.

How many employees work at the branch?

FMS Hong Kong starting from 3 people in 2011 and now we have 10 employees working here for Hong Kong Branch. Plus 3 employees station here who works for GCA team. 

Are there any staff events at the branch?

Yes, those are :- Outdoor activities we have boat trip , Hiking , Outing and Lunch/Dinner gathering as well as Annual dinner. In Hong Kong, China, we do have 12 major solar terms annually, we normally will go out for lunch or dinner together to celebrate some of it to having fun. This year FEB, we had our annual dinner at Futian Shangri-La Hotel to thank you for their hard working last year as well as to celebrate year of Rooster.

What kind of jobs are there at the branch and what are typical tasks?

We have our Accounts, HR & Admin team, Operations team, Business Development team here in our office, working closely among teams and support to each other in order to taking care of our daily business, providing excellent customer service and solution of problem solving. We are also doing the same with our subcontractors to ensure a problem free environment to our customers.

Why is the FMS HKG office a great place to work?

Our office is locate in town center, less than 5 mins. walk from MTR station. A new and modern building. Convenience to different kind of public transports. Apart from the office location, we provide a good working atmosphere here for every employee to have their career path growth.

FMS HongKong Colleague
Chain Jiang | FMS Logistics Hong Kong Ltd.

3 Questions to Chain Jiang| FMS Logistics Hong Kong Ltd.

1. What is your job at FMS?

I am working as Head of Business Development of the Greater China cluster. My main responsibility is to expand business in Greater China and promote our services.

2. How was your professional development at FMS?

I started with FMS two years ago, as Business Development Manager in charge of agriculture industry for Greater China. In October 2016, I was promoted to the position of Head ofBusiness Development for Greater China.

3. What makes FMS a great employer for you?

The FMS company culture is a lot like being part of a family, and I'm engaging myself fully in that. This company has a great history and a solid financial foundation, and the senior management at FMS focus strongly on professional development while also providing ample opportunities for every individual to shine. Employees at FMS can be assured that if they work hard and are willing to suggest ideas for improvement and growth, the company will always support them as long as their ideas make good business sense.

Nadine Kinscher-Masur

Corporate Head of Marketing at Fr. Meyer's Sohn


125 years of Fr. Meyer's Sohn | Perseverance and passion

The Hamburg-based freight forwarding and logistics company looks back on a 125-year history and today employs over 850 people at more than 50 locations worldwide. Cross-modal customer solutions are just as much a part of the product portfolio as the analysis and optimization of supply chains or transport-related additional services.

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Fr. Meyer's Sohn opens warehouse at the Port of Hamburg for its 125th anniversary

From July 2022, Fr. Meyer's Sohn will manage its own warehouse in the direct vicinity of the Port of Hamburg with >10,000 sqm of warehouse space.

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