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Canada Landscape

Overview Canada

Insights into the regulations, traditions, and logistics of Canada.

Currency: Canadian Dollars
Calling code: +1
Area: 9.985.000 km²
Population: 36 million
Density: 3.7 per km²

1. Are there typical greeting rituals?

As with any large country, there is a great amount of variation in customs and etiquette from one region to the next. The most obvious difference is in the province of Quebec, which has more French influence than British. As a result it is not uncommon for people to greet each other by kissing each other's checks, left and right, rather than the handshake popular in the rest of the country.

2. What business rules are to be followed?
  • Business culture varies throughout Canada, depending on the region. Likewise, business structures are different. Detailed preparation prior to meetings will be expected and appreciated!
  • Business communication is quite direct in Canada; there will be no need to decipher and read into messages. Emails and telephone calls should also be direct and succinct.
  • Note that a great importance is given to respecting everyone's opinions.
  • Regardless of rank and status, people expect the right to be heard and listened to. - Decisions are not usually made until all the facts are at hand.
3. What advantages are there and which of these are actually true?

Resource rich country with large supplies of commodities in demand globally. High quality , skilled & trained labor force

Canada Toronto City
4. What subjects are discussed during small talk?

Sports, current popular entertainment and outdoor activities.

5. What commodities play an important role in the country and to which countries does it export to and from which countries does it import from the most part?

a. Export: Vehicles, Machinery, Forest Products, Agri 
USA, EU, China, Mexico, Japan

b: Import: Vehicles & parts, Machinery, Plastics, Furniture 
USA, EU, China, Mexico, Japan

6. What special logistics obstacles/difficulties are there on location?

Long distances and difficult terrain between major metropolitan areas, cold climate also impacts transportation options. Fewer options for service; rail, major marine ports or entry all lead to increased monopolistic activity with services.

7. Are there traditional dishes that are eaten on specific holidays, for instance?

Turkey on Christmas and thanksgiving.

8. What must absolutely be experienced or seen there?

Watching a Hockey game in any of the major urban centers, skiing in Whistler and Jazz in Montreal.

FMS Canada Colleague
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General Manager, Vancouver | Canada


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