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Nuremberg | Germany

We are there for you worldwide. Every location and its teams are important to us, so we would like to introduce them to you.

How many employees work at FMS Nuremberg?

In 2015, we startet with only 4 colleagues at the NUE branch. Our team is growing steadily and in the meantime we are already 26 employees.

Are there any staff events at the Nuremberg branch?

Yes! In Nuremberg there are many staff events:

  • Rafting in Bad Toelz in August 2021
  • B2Run in Nuremberg in July 2022
  • Barbecue events in our office
  • Christmas party in December
What kind of jobs are there at FMS Nuremberg and what are typical tasks?

We have projects in sea- and airfreight for import and export. One of our biggest focus is on our own new airfreight department in NUE (import and export). Currently there are two employees in airfreight and our biggest success so far was our charter project from Frankfurt to Dallas with Antonov AN-124-100. The team in NUE takes over all tasks from the preparation of quotations to the processing of orders and the invoicing of individual consignments.

A major new feature is that now we take over industrial clearance and industrial solutions for our customers, which means that we take over the complete export clearance and order preparation, including document preparation, for the customer.

We always try to find individual and perfect solutions for our customers. If our customers are happy, then we are happy J

Why is the FMS Nuremberg office a great place to work?

In Nuremberg, we have short decision ways, a respectful and very helpful team as well as understanding supervisors. We have competent contact persons (internally and worldwide) and we always look for solutions together as a team to be able to satisfy everyone. We work hand-in-hand. Our branch offers corporate benefits like food discounts and urban sports. And of course, our manager has always an open ear for us!

Christian Burzer | FMS Nürnberg

3 Questions to Christian Burzer | FMS Nuremberg

1. What is your job at FMS Nuremberg?

I have the position as team leader for the airfreight department in Nuremberg. Since the department is still under construction, there are currently only two of us, which also makes it easier to coordinate and divide the work accordingly. I am confident that the department will continue to develop quickly and that our department will grow accordingly.

2. How was your professional development at FMS?

FMS has many existing customers through our sea freight departments. Here we have succeeded, through the existing contacts, to handle the first airfreight orders for them. This also applies to our colleagues abroad who were of course pleased that we have now also included the airfreight service in our portfolio in Nuremberg. Furthermore, we are currently working on obtaining our status – called „secured status“- as a regulated agent in order to be able to transport air freight from so-called secured shippers. Here I will also have the function of deputy security officer. So it will not be boring!

3. Why do you like working at FMS?

I joined FMS on 1st April 2022 and was warmly welcomed here. It was very pleasant to see how professional the onboarding process was. Everything was prepared & set up. A lot of time was taken for me to show me everything and to learn the systems accordingly. Sounds like "of course, that's how it should be". However, I joined the company at a time when the employees were under a lot of pressure due to the economic and logistical challenges. Despite this not-so-easy time, I received tireless and friendly support, which in my opinion says a lot about the team and the management. The statement I got at my job interview: "You are never alone with your work" is really lived here. This applies not only to Nuremberg, but also to the colleagues from all stations (worldwide), with whom there is a lively exchange of information. In the meantime, I have familiarized myself well and I am happy to be part of this team.

Nadine Kinscher-Masur

Corporate Head of Marketing | Fr. Meyer's Sohn


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