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Paper shipments to the UK

A case study on the efficient transport of paper on reels and pallets to the UK, which, thanks to the cooperation of FMS Lübeck and FMS UK, continues to function smoothly after Brexit.

Initial situation

Our customer in the paper industry with a production of over 150,000 tons per year loads approx. 10,000 tons annually to various recipients in the UK.

The paper is transported both on rolls and on pallets. The pre-carriage is basically by truck as sometimes also by rail wagon from the production site near Hanover to Cuxhaven. Here the goods are reloaded onto mafi in order to represent it cost-effectively in the total freight.

At present, 3 mafi are shipped from Cuxhaven to Immingham, each with 60 tons per week, corresponding to 3 trucks. FMS Luebeck takes over the coordination between shipper, transshipment company and ferry company.

Due to the Brexit, a new situation arises and the goods have to be cleared in the UK. Many consignees have problems with customs clearance and are therefore unable to retrieve the goods.


Customs clearance in the UK is handled locally by our FMS team, so there are currently no problems whatsoever in retrieving the goods from the port for our customer. Our UK colleagues, who also organize the transport to the final consignee in the UK, have the best knowledge of the local conditions as well as laws and can act directly on site with all parties involved if necessary.


Despite Brexit, we can handle customs clearance and all requirements as good as possible and as quickly as possible with our local FMS office.

The transport organization by our FMS team in Luebeck is also absolutely efficient. Since the pre-carriage is very cost-effective due to the distance to the port, this handling is the best solution according to the current status. In addition, the transshipment to the mafis in Cuxhaven makes the sea freight much cheaper, which also reduces the total freight costs. Shipping entire trucks would be significantly more expensive.


Nadine Kinscher-Masur

Corporate Head of Marketing de Fr. Meyer's Sohn


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