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How many employees work at FMS Mumbai?

We have 10 employees in FMS Mumbai with a good mixture of experience and youth dynamism.  Among us, the average experience in Freight Forwarding is around 10-12 years which gives a very strong base for all our commercial and operational requirement.

Are there any staff events at the branch?

Yes, we celebrate the festival of Diwali with the children of the employees. All are dressed in Indian Traditional and ethnic clothing. The Children really look forward to this festival because we make them sing songs, draw and then each child gets a special gift. We also celebrate Christmas by decorating the office and have a Christmas Lunch. From this year 2022, we have started going for an “annual Picnic” for all FMS India colleagues – that was great!

What kind of jobs are there at FMS Mumbai and what are typical tasks?

We have Freight Forwarding operations related jobs which includes Import, Export and Sales functions. Each team takes care of their respective responsibilities. However between the Export and Import Teams the employees are trained to take on another team’s responsibility in case of absenteeism of staff or additional work.

Why is the FMS Mumbai office a great place to work?

FMS is a good workplace because of its fundamental values. We have an open door policy where each employee is heard and respected. Our teams are motivated to work hard as each of us feel like an entrepreneur and there is a sense of belonging at FMS. FMS has a great Teamwork under specialized Team leaders with persistent support from Management in all respects.

Sahadev Kadam | FMS Mumbai

3 Questions to Sahadev Kadam | FMS Mumbai

1. What is your job at FMS Mumbai?

I am a Senior Operation Executive working in FMS Mumbai branch office. I work in the Export division endeavoring to provide satisfactory and quality service to our Customers and offer them professional solutions into their supply chain activities.

2. How was your professional development at FMS?

Before joining FMS, my professional knowledge and area of responsibilities were limited, however after joining FMS, I learnt about the wide range of Logistics services and have gained global exposure.  FMS empowered me to communicate and work with offices around the Globe.  My journey with FMS has developed my professional and personal skills and now I have confidence in my abilities and know that I can have a good career growth with FMS.

3. What makes FMS a great employer for you?

FMS Mumbai has a great team spirit under great team leaders with a happy & cheerful atmosphere at office. We share our meals, ideas and work together as a family. I share a mutual respect with each member of FMS and am happy working for FMS which eventually matters the most.


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