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Case Study | Overland | Flexible Cross-Transports

Case study on the successful implementation of the Fr. Meyer's Sohn Overland department's regular but flexible deliveries as well as empties pick-ups.

Initial Situation

In December 2018, we received an order from a company to supply discount stores with assorted goods from eight central warehouses in Austria and, in the course of delivery, to take the empties and return them to two filling stations.
The delivery quantity is unique each week, varying between 10 and 30 pallets, each weighing between 750 and 950 kg.

To always execute this order always on time and to the fullest satisfaction, a truck was firmly scheduled for this customer (charter). This was necessary to ensure flexibility, which was required as the quantity of the delivery was not announced until Wednesday afternoon with the final booking for Friday.

The customer was very pleased with the result, so the order was increased in September 2019.
This includes deliveries/empty good collections from 28 central warehouses in southern Germany. The order resulted in various national, as well as international cross transports for the procurement, e.g. ex Italy and Lithuania.

The following options were available for the implementation: the use of the company's own fleet or the use of a truck charter.



Advantages of using your own fleet with your own drivers:

  • High driver and delivery quality
  • Direct driver contact
  • High product quality due to own truck
  • Very good performance due to process handling via our Cruise Control App; e.g. delivery receipts can be uploaded via App and are immediately available to the parties involved
  • Fast and direct intervention in the dispo in case of possible changes and adjustments


Alternatively, the use of charter trucks was examined as a second option:
Even though we always check partners and service providers, one disadvantage here is that the driver quality cannot be precisely checked and controlled and thus the delivery quality can only be influenced indirectly.
In addition, changes at short notice mean a longer implementation time.



In this case, the implementation was started in September 2019 with four trucks per week in fixed operation by charter.
Since summer 2020, due to the advantages, the transports are carried out with own trucks.

A further four trucks are planned for summer 2021 to supply the central warehouses in central, eastern and northern Germany.

Contact our Overland experts directly here to review your inquiries or issues.

Nadine Kinscher-Masur

Corporate Head of Marketing de Fr. Meyer's Sohn


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