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Cruise Control: Functionalities

We offer you a tailor made solution with clear benefits.
We take your status quo and your needs into account and offer you a target-oriented package accordingly. We devise the precise requirements and implement processes for this together with you.


Cross-carrier scheduling information

  • Sailing schedules can help you organizing your logistics flow based on real planned sailings.
  • Get a holistic overview on Cruise Control of all vessels leaving or arriving in a certain timeframe with individual filter and search options, instead of looking on different carrier websites.


Price transparency and a simplified purchasing process

  • Instead of a one by one quote request, you will find a landing page on Cruise Control with all your agreed tariffs and quotes.
  • As a FMS customer, you get an indication of a price at hand by accessing our quotes over the Cruise Control platform.


Booking of shipments, pre-carriage and on-carriage

  • Instead of sending around e-mails which creates endless queues on operator's desks, you can book a shipment directly on the Cruise Control platform.
  • Booking a shipment on Cruise Control results in error free handlings due to the elimination of transmission errors and in a direct status overview of all you requested bookings.


Shipment tracking and discrepancy management

  • For every Air/Ocean or Trucking file at FMS you can rely on the latest track and trace status which FMS receives from their connected network.
  • This functionality can trigger customized notification e-mails for critical scenarios like transshipment monitoring or delay notifications, e.g. if your containers are not picked up at the destination, so you can react to the situation and avoid any demurrage detention costs.


Buyers, suppliers, haulers, customs brokers, shipping coordinator, logistics- and warehouse provider and FMS agents receive access to the platform tailored to each partner

  • Share the transparency with your business partners and collaborate with them to enrich the data on Cruise Control without any extra investment from your side.
  • For all different business partners, you can define customized content visibility, so we extend your IT infrastructure without any cost from your side.


Exchange of documents among all partners as well as document correction - validation and editing

  • Accessing all documents related to your orders in one place, not only by you but also by your partners, which reduces e-mail traffic and avoids the loss of documents or multiple versions travelling around.
  • Send Bill of Ladings over the platform to your customers or print the Original BLs from Cruise Control to enhance the speed and reduce the price of document transfer.
  • You can also receive customized notification e-mails when new documents are posted.


On-carriage organization from port/ domestic terminal to final recipient

  • Schedule the on-carriage directly in Cruise Control, providing the basis for FMS instructing its operational partners.
  • Get an overview of all your on-carriage containers - which ones are already taken out and which ones are still at the port.


Monitoring of suppliers and management of the corresponding orders up to shipping

  • Monitor your suppliers and cargo readiness dates based on customized processes, focusing on increasing transparency at the origin and realizing deviations as soon as possible.
  • Make use of the extended FMS network to enhance your order management.

9. Warehouse

Warehouse integration/ warehouse uploading for suppliers and WHP customers

  • Warehouse inventory monitoring with global warehouse administration, planning, and management. 
  • Get a global overview of your cargo from all over the world.
  • Pull reports on quality/order numbers and deliveries.
  • Real time Inventory or 3th party inventory.


Compare your target-performance to your actual performance to optimize processes based on numbers and facts

  • Analyze and appraise your service providers, e.g. shipping companies.
  • Set up customized reports with your KPIs and our support.


Extension of own IT infrastructure with functionalities of Cruise Control

  • Platform Workbench: use the platform Cruise Control to monitor your global supply chain transactions without operational services from FMS.
  • Operated Workbench: use the platform Cruise Control with additional services and support from FMS, e.g. process analysis, service level monitoring.

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