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Overview Mexico

Insights into the regulations, traditions, and logistics of Mexico.

Currency: Mexican Peso
Calling code: +52
Area: 1.972.550 km²
Population: 125 Million
Density: 64 persons per km²

Monumento de la Revolución
1. Are there typical greeting rituals?

A handshake is the most common form of greeting in a work environment or between strangers. But between friends we usually greet each other with a single kiss on the cheek or even with a hug.

2. What business rules are to be followed?

Punctuality, respect and express on a professional language.

3. What prejudices exist and which of them are actually true?

Insecurity and crime in some cities of the country; it is a fact and it affects society.

4. What subjects are discussed during small talk?

For a start could be the weather, actual events, sports, food, and other. Must say for us Mexicans it is nice to share our culture and food is always a good topic, taking about our culture makes us proud.


5. What commodities play an important role in the country and to which countries does it export to and from which countries does it import from the most part?

a. Export:
Vehicles and auto parts, electronics, oil, silver, manufactured goods, scrap and resin, fruits, vegetables, coffee, cotton, sugar, beer, and tequila.
To: LATAM, USA, Asia, North Europe, Caribe

b. Import:
Machinery, Vehicle, gasoline, Chemicals, Pharma, steel, textile, finish products, paper, lumber, and grains.
From: USA, Asia, Europe, LATAM

6. What particular logistics obstacles/difficulties are there on-site?

Some of the difficulties on our country are related to the government budget for foreign invest and transportation investment. The infrastructure on our ports and roads are limited or obsolete that generates lack of capacity for Truck and Rail services and all these are framed with unclear and complex regulations.

7. What was the most exciting or curious item/goods that Fr. Meyer’s Sohn transported?

Some years ago, we imported some electric cars coming from France. It was a totally new experience from where we learned a lot.

8. Are there traditional dishes that are eaten on specific holidays, for instance?
  • Día de Reyes | January 6th – Rosca de Reyes (Traditional bread)
  • Independence Day | September 16th - Pozole, Chiles en Nogada, Tacos and Mole
  • Day of the Dead (Día de Muertos) | November 2nd - Pan de Muerto (Traditional bread)
  • Christmas Day | December 24th – Romeritos (mole with shrimps), codfish, turkey, buñuelos.
9. What must absolutely be experienced or seen there?
  • The Archeological zones
  • Eat Mexican food
  • Experience the Day of the Dead Festivities
  • Visit our beautiful beaches at the Caribe (Riviera Maya), Gulf or Pacific Ocean.
  • Experience the life at Mexico City walking on parks, visiting our more than 170 museums, going to a theatre, ballet or concert.
Nadine Kinscher-Masur

Corporate Head of Marketing at Fr. Meyer's Sohn


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