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July: Sales General Cargo Import | Hamburg | Germany

Every month we present one of our branches or departments. This time: Sales GC Import | Hamburg | Germany.

How many employees work in the department?

We have 6 employees in the Sales & Procurement GC Import Department in Hamburg. On the cover picture you can see the entire import department including sales employees.

Are there any staff events in the department?

We work very closely with our colleagues fromthe Operator GC Import Department. Together, we regularly do team events of different sorts, mostly using our time on Friday evening to do some sport events/playing games and then go out afterwards. Within our team of 6 we also organize  team evenings twice a year where we choose a very nice food place to go and have a chat. Also we rotate to do some cooking at home, which we can enjoy together for lunch the next day.

What kind of jobs are there in the department and what are typical tasks?

We have various jobs in the department such as the procurement of rates for Central Europe and surrounding EMEA countries, tying the knots with our rate procurement in Asia, as well as having 3 full time sales staff covering the northern and central parts of Germany. One of our colleagues is currently intensively working on the implementation of our newly constructed Customer Relationship Management system, I as manager of the department am both responsible for leading the GC Import Sales activities in Central Europe as well as doing KAM sales and managing our FMS Asia network together with the managing director of FMS Seaways in Switzerland.

Why is the GC Import Sales department a great place to work?

We have a great team spirit and laugh a lot. We support and push each other to be more successful every day. All in all we have a fantastic work place and atmosphere.

Fatlum Ahmeti | Fr. Meyer's Sohn Hamburg

3 questions to Fatlum Ahmeti | FMS Hamburg

1. What is your job at FMS?

My job as a Business Development Manager concentrates on gaining new customers, as well as intensifying the customer contact and increasing order-volumes of already existing customer. The implementation of new business, together with the associated customer care, is also part of my daily job.

2. How was your professional development at FMS?

After my apprenticeship at FMS, I started as a department clerk at the Import General Cargo department, where I worked for 5 years. After that, I was nominated as a team leader and worked for 3 years as Manager for Customer Service and Sales, responsible for 4 team members. During this time, besides my operational responsibility, I also took over sales activities. In 2017, I got the opportunity to work as Business Development Manager, which I have accepted. From my own experience I can say, that FMS gives you the opportunity to develop your career.

3. What makes FMS a great employer for you?

One of the main reasons that makes FMS a good employer for me, is the friendly and respectful contact with the colleagues as well as a good working atmosphere within the department. In addition, you can bring in new ideas, no matter if you are a staff, team leader or Business Development Manager. FMS gives the employee the opportunity, to develop his / her career further and to support the employees from their own team.

Portrait Nadine Kinscher
Nadine Kinscher-Masur

Corporate Head of Marketing at Fr. Meyer's Sohn


Reorganisation of the Management Board at Fr. Meyer’s Sohn

Heiko Voigt will be appointed Managing Director at Fr. Meyer’s Sohn (GmbH & Co.) KG as of October 1st, 2019. The new Management Board will consist of him and Dominik Lucius.

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Being the no.1 in international transportation of forest products, we will be once again part of this year’s „PPI Transport Symposium“. The PPI will take place in Tarragona | Spain on September 16 to 18. The must-attend event for anyone involved in the transportation, materials, handling, or distribution of pulp and paper products. We´re very much looking forward to meet you at our „FMS Lounge“ in September.

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