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Case Study | Cruise Control | Consumer Products

Transparent supply chains and cooperation between all involved: Efficient management of imports from Asia

Initial situation

JUMBO Markt AG is the Swiss hardware store for all craftsmen's and DIY-projects in house and garden. With a total of 40 branch locations, the company is one of the largest hardware stores in the country. Before working with FMS, the retail company had processing problems with its imports from Asia. Non-transparent supply chains and insufficient flows of information made efficient transport as well as deviation management impossible.

Tracking & Tracing

Additional costs due to delayed deliveries and avoidable downtimes and a high workload due to an overflow of e-mails. Solution Thanks to the adaption of Cruise Control to JUMBO's needs, Fr. Meyer's Sohn Switzerland was able to win JUMBO Markt AG as a long-term customer in 2017. The following IT setup has been the focus of the cooperation:

  • Simplified Commissioning: An EDI interface between SAP (JUMBO's ERP system) and Seastep enables JUMBO to transfer order data directly to FMS. After the shipment is positioned in Seastep, it is automatically available in Cruise Control.
  • Proactive Deviation Management: The booking process with FMS agents in Asia and our FMS employees can be performed directly on Cruise Control. 
    Benefit: JUMBO can check the booking status at any time - even before the goods are physically shipped - and manage schedule deviations early and proactively.
Filter widgets
  • Transparent supply chains: As soon as the shipping starts, Cruise Control automatically provides Tracking & Tracing information for each shipment with linked carrier systems. FMS receives this information from the shipping companies via EDI interface. Individually adapted "filter widgets" (colored quick-filter buttons) on the Cruise Control starting page offer JUMBO a direct and simple access to a pre-filtered status overview. With our support, JUMBO has created a dashboard for monitoring all important transport sections by using the filter widgets. For transport sections for which automatic tracking status updates are not available (customs clearance Basel; delivery at destination warehouse), manual status maintenance is carried out by FMS Switzerland.
  • Container Call Off: After customs clearance in Basel, JUMBO can call off the containers via Cruise Control. On this basis FMS can plan the delivery to the requested destination.

Communication Center
  • Communication Center: A shipment-related chat function allows JUMBO to communicate quickly, easily and comprehensibly with all parties involved at a central location. This prevents misunderstandings and reduces communication effort.

With Cruise Control, JUMBO has access to a straightforward supply chain management platform for all transport sections. For the company, the greatest values added are increased transparency as well as the ability to control and act proactively whenever necessary. In addition to the efficient handling of the Asian business, JUMBO benefits in particular from the possibility of bundling the communication between the parties involved on one central platform. Reports and performance evaluations also ensure continuous process improvements. Since the introduction of the solution, JUMBO has been able to significantly reduce both costs and workload in purchasing.

Andreas Homberger - Head of Logistics JUMBO Markt AG

"The adjustments in Cruise Control with the filter widgets are outstanding.
We are enthusiastic about how the implementation was done
and how easy it is to display the supply chain.
This is exactly what we imagined.
It shows that we were right to switch to FMS.
And finally: the transition to FMS went smoothly, thank you for this."


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