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Houston | USA, Texas

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How many employees work at FMS Houston?

We have a total of 7 employees working at the FMS Houston branch which has grown each year since the office opened in 2009.

Are there any staff events at the Houston branch?

Yes, Our annual customer appreciation Party. We usually hold the party in late April / early May, our customers and vendors look forward to it every year. In addition to our annual party we also celebrate every year with a staff Christmas Dinner. We really enjoy the time together outside of the office.

What kind of jobs are there at FMS Houston and what are typical tasks?

We have a variety of jobs in our branch office, from Sales to Operations, domestic trucking and warehousing, to import handling. We handle the day to day operations for all of our customers' needs with a great attention to details and in depth knowledge to help us provide great customer service.

Why is the FMS Houston office a great place to work?

FMS Houston is located just north of Houston, the fourth largest city in the US, and just an hour and half far away from the Port of Houston. The Port of Houston is the busiest port in the United States in terms of foreign tonnage, and second-busiest in the United States in terms of overall tonnage, and thirteenth-busiest in the world.

FMS Texas Colleague
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3 Questions to Dalia Paez, FMS Houston.

1. What is your job at FMS Houston?

I am a logistics coordinator from point A to Z and I am responsible for providing the best customer service with objectivity and tenacity. My work is focused on providing efficient work with no margin for error, always striving for concise and convenient solutions for the customer to know that is in good hands.

2. How was your professional development at FMS?

I started from scratch did not have any experience in logistics but this company gave me the opportunity to work in this magnificent and sufficient industry. I began by learning the system and helping my colleagues with the basics to gain experience and confidence. After a short period of time I was able to handle my first accounts.

3. What makes FMS a great employer for you?

I can describe FMS as authentic and enthusiastic. We know we have an obligation with our clients to provide the best professional service to fulfill their business needs and we take it to heart.

Nadine Kinscher-Masur

Corporate Head of Marketing | Fr. Meyer's Sohn


125 years of Fr. Meyer's Sohn | Perseverance and passion

The Hamburg-based freight forwarding and logistics company looks back on a 125-year history and today employs over 850 people at more than 50 locations worldwide. Cross-modal customer solutions are just as much a part of the product portfolio as the analysis and optimization of supply chains or transport-related additional services.


Fr. Meyer's Sohn opens warehouse at the Port of Hamburg for its 125th anniversary

From July 2022, Fr. Meyer's Sohn will manage its own warehouse in the direct vicinity of the Port of Hamburg with >10,000 sqm of warehouse space.


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