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Case Study | Industry Solution | Agriculture & Food

Example of an industry solution in the field of agricultural products & food with frozen vegetables

Initial Situation

A customer from the food industry regularly has to ship various vegetables (i.g. spinach, broccoli and vegetable mix) treated with the Individual Quick Freezing“-method (IQF) from Shandong (China) to St. Petersburg (Russia).
Important requirements and guidelines are linked to the transport of food/groceries, which must be observed and followed in any case. Containers suitable for groceries must be used which have an integrated refrigerated function in order to be able to meet the temperature requirements. The temperature requirements for the IQF vegetables in this case was -20° Celsius.



In order to guarantee the customer planning security, a fixed shipment schedule was implemented in consultation with the department for refrigerated container at Qingdao-Port (CNTAO). In the course of these negotiations, rates with a validity period of six months were negotiated at the same time.


This created more than one advantages for the customer. The long-term fixed rate and the delivery schedule offer the customer planning security. Furthermore, the customer’s logistics costs can be stabilized and better calculated. A further advantage for the customer is the guarantee of the delivery capacity and continuity in the supply chain.


Nadine Kinscher-Masur

Corporate Head of Marketing | Fr. Meyer's Sohn


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