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Transport and warehouse insurance at Fr. Meyer's Sohn

Transport insurance at Fr. Meyer's Sohn offers broad protection for all our customers.

During transportation, including loading and unloading, your goods are exposed to risks such as loss or damage. These risks do not have to be located in faraway countries – transportation of goods is already at risk over short distances.

Fr. Meyer’s Sohn has its own insurance department, which takes care of your concerns quickly and competently. We rely on a comprehensive insurance policy, which includes the following protection and can be customized to your individual needs:


Our policy insures your goods from the place and time of the first lifting, along the transport route to the named place of delivery. Loading and unloading are also insured.

All-risk insurance

All-risk insurance covers any risk to which the goods are exposed during the insured voyage, unless explicitly excluded.

Incorrect loading

The insurance covers the securing of cargo in a means of transport. However, damage caused by inadequate transport packaging is not covered.

General average

The following risks are covered in case of general average:

  • Rescue costs; these can often exceed the value of the goods many times over.
  • Delay due to fixing

In case of uninsured goods, the owner of the goods has to bear the costs himself and can be sued in case of non-payment.


Advantages for the customer

Our insurance department offers many advantages for our customers. On the one hand, the settlement is in one hand with us and is supervised by a team of forwarders, insurance experts and lawyers. Thus, we can also guarantee that the payment of the claim will be settled within 30 days. Furthermore, we offer continuous insurance coverage, which also takes effect in the event of force majeure and whose coverage is independent of the Incoterms. In addition, we offer attractive premiums and 100% coverage of the damage.

Nadine Kinscher-Masur

Corporate Head of Marketing de Fr. Meyer's Sohn


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