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FMS Singapore Colleagues
How many employees work at the branch?

Currently, our team consists of 14 colleagues. Some colleagues are already with the company for more than 20 years. Our team has a good mixture of experience and youth dynamism who have been in the Shipping & Forwarding Industry for several years. At the moment, we are hiring to grow our Sales Team and strengthen our regional portfolio.

Are there any staff events at the branch?

Yes of course! Every year we have a scrumptious Christmas dinner for all colleagues with gift exchanges. It's fun as all colleagues look forward to receive their surprise Christmas gift exchange. This year, we also had a Chinese New Year BBQ gathering together with families. Through such gatherings, we lift our team spirit and get to know each other even better.

Often, we have lunch get-together to share and enjoy the famous Singapore food varieties which is a nice time for bonding, sharing ideas and work experiences.

What kind of jobs are there at the branch and what are typical tasks?

We are very much customer orientated. Our DNA is to be the best in class to serve our customers around the globe. Our heart beat is in operations & customer service, with a strong sales & commercial drive in our blood. On daily basis, we attend to customers' rate enquiries, bookings and documentation requirements. As a niche player, we focus on cross border trades and are proactive in providing cost-effective solutions to customers worldwide.

The sales team regularly meets up with clients to maintain good relationships and tap on potential business opportunities. At the same time, this enables us to evaluate the level of customers' satisfaction on the service provided to them. We understand that it is important to manage and meet customers expectation.

Why is the FMS Singapore office a great place to work?

We have just shifted to a new sparkling office! It is easily accessible by public transport and in the heart of Singapore's CBD. We are sitting in the hub of maritime activities, where containers and terminal activities is at our backdrop. Majority of our partner carriers share the same location/ building. Our office is surrounded by many good local eateries. We are all rejuvenated by fresh and positive vibes in this new environment.

Our office work culture is open, we do not have strict hierarchy and everyone is free to share constructive ideas to enhance service and productivity levels. We are a vibrant and cheerful team, able to work independently but at the same time we have a good buddy system to cover for each other's job whenever one of us is on holidays.

FMS Singapore Colleague
Chermaine Lee | FMS Singapore

3 Questions to Chermaine Lee | FMS Singapore

1. What is your job at FMS Singapore?

I'm the Commercial Manager and my main tasks is in freight procurement and building close partnerships with our carriers. Concurrently, I provide commercial and operational support to customers.

2. How was your professional development at FMS?

I have been working in the liner industry and as a BCO for several years prior to my employment with FMS. The Freight Forwarding business is a different ballgame for me. It took me awhile to adjust and adapt to the dynamic business nature. I have been given many opportunities to learn and perform in this new role. One of the most interesting experience & know-how I gained, was being assigned to handle several hundred stranded Hanjin containers in Singapore related to Hanjin's insolvency. I look forward to gain more knowledge in this exciting Industry and be able to grow my career further with the company.

3. What makes FMS a great employer for you?

FMS is a wonderful and caring company to be with which makes me feel comfortable. It is an excellent learning ground which gives me many opportunities to grow and broaden my skills. Being in FMS Singapore, I feel truly blessed to be part of a great team, always in high spirits and most important we have fun working together.

Nadine Kinscher-Masur

Corporate Head of Marketing de Fr. Meyer's Sohn


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