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Easter traditions - How the world celebrates Easter

From painted Easter eggs to papier-mâché figures - different traditions for Easter in different countries.

Easter is one of the most important holidays for Christians and is celebrated in many countries with different traditions. These range from painting Easter eggs, doing somersaults down a hill to burning papier-mâché figures as a symbol to drive away evil. The article shows which rituals and traditions exist in some countries where FMS is located.



Frohe Ostern!

In Germany, it is a tradition to blow out and paint eggs at Easter and then use them as decorations for the house and garden and hide them during the Easter egg hunt. For the Easter egg hunt, chocolate eggs or bunnies are also hidden.



Schöni Oschtere!

In Switzerland there are very diverse traditions and rituals at Easter. In Zurich, children hold an egg in their hands and an adult tries to throw a coin so that it gets stuck in the egg. If the coin falls to the ground, the children get to keep the egg and the coin.



Felices Pascuas!

In Spain, Easter traditions have a strong religious orientation. In numerous processions, the Samana Santa, brotherhoods with pointed hoods and figures of saints parade through the streets.



Happy Easter!

In the USA, there is the flashy and colorful Easter Parade in New York - people parade down 5th Avenue with flowers, lavish hats and fancy costumes. The custom dates back to the 1860s, when the elite presented the beautiful new dresses here.


Great Britain

Happy Easter!

In Great Britain, there are many different Easter traditions, for example, Easter eggs are labeled with names and placed in a sieve. The sieve is shaken and the last undamaged egg wins. Things are more sporty in Wales: the Welsh climb a hill at sunrise on Easter Sunday and do somersaults down the hill.



Feliz Pascua!

The Mexican Easter tradition is one of the few political Easter traditions that exist in the world. The streets of Mexican cities are decorated with garlands of paper towels and toilet paper two weeks before Easter, and on Easter Saturday figures made of papier-mâché are burned. This symbolizes the victory of good - and for this, figures of unpopular politicians are then sometimes created and burned.



Frohe Ostern!

Easter days begin with Maundy Thursday ( in Germany it is „Green Thursday“) and in Austria the name of the day is also a reference to the first Easter tradition - green food is eaten on Maundy Thursday. Children carry apples and pretzels to church, according to custom they ask for growth with this gesture.



Vrolijk Pasen!

Like Black Friday in America, Easter Monday in the Netherlands calls for furniture shopping. This tradition has been around for more than 30 years and has led to very long lines in front of stores on one occasion or another. Alternatively, the Dutch spend Easter at an Easter bonfire and even set a new record in 2012 with the size of one, which is in the Guinness Book of Records.


Easter in Brasil


Feliz Páscoa!

In Brazil, the Easter season begins with Carnival as a prelude to Lent 40 days before Easter. On Easter weekend, chocolate eggs and other small gifts are given to friends and relatives to celebrate Easter.


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