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Case Study | Overland | On-time delivery

Thanks to the flexible use of the own trucks and double-deck loading, it was possible to deliver 53 containers of "white goods" to various recipients on time, despite delays on the shipping side.

Initial situation:

The order included the on-carriage of 53 containers with "white goods" from the Port of Hamburg to various warehouses in Germany.

Due to a delay of several days caused by the shipping company, the containers arrived at a LOT in the port of Hamburg just before the scheduled delivery date of the consignee, which was planned for Monday or at the very latest Tuesday. The ETA of the ship was indicated for the night from Wednesday to Thursday. However, the planned takeover of the containers could not take place as scheduled, because due to a storm the port operations had to be stopped the whole Thursday. Only in the night to Friday the unloading operation could be continued when the weather calmed down.

Due to the fact that all containers were on a bill of lading, loading units that had already been discharged could not be taken over at the terminal without further ado, as customs clearance is only considered complete when the entire discharge process for the bill of lading has been completed. Because of these circumstances the takeover of the containers was constantly delayed.



In order to still make a timely delivery to the consignees possible and thus avoid penalties and contractual penalties, a quick solution had to be found.

Still in the night of Friday, with the continuation of the unloading process, FMS was able to get containers out of the deadline by means of a change of custodian and thus already put parts of the goods into the customs custody of the warehouse keeper. Thus, FMS was able not to wait for the completion of the entire discharge process from the bill of lading, but to keep the acceptance of the containers more flexible.

Friday the first parts of the goods could already be prepared for trucking, unloading and palletizing. On Saturday morning the customs clearance was finally completed, the goods were approved for free circulation and the first pallets could be loaded onto the already waiting vehicles.

Saturday and Sunday a total of 47 FTL were loaded by our FMS warehouse. For the somewhat shorter distances, 32 more trucks followed on Monday for delivery the following day. Tuesday morning 4 more trucks followed, which delivered the goods to recipients less than 120km away. 2,700 pallets from 53 containers could thus be unloaded within a short time and the goods delivered to the recipient in time.


Double-deck loading: 67 Europlates, also in the Tautliner, loaded on top of each other without touching.

Thanks to the flexible use of its own fleet of vehicles and the possibility of double-deck loading, FMS was able to display loading at the warehouse over the weekend and thus deliver the goods to the recipients on time. During the weekend, shunting personnel were deployed at the loading warehouse to prepare the vehicles for loading at the ramps. This enabled us to ensure that loading was possible in compliance with the statutory driving and rest times in Germany.

Essential for the success of this project was the immediate reaction by FMS to be able to unload and palletize the already unloaded containers - in cooperation with FMS' own customs department - by holding them at the bonded warehouse. Due to the flexible use of the own FMS warehouse as well as the own vehicle fleet with personnel, the implementation could also be carried out on weekends and the customer could thus be spared from penalties and contractual penalties. 


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Nadine Kinscher-Masur

Corporate Head of Marketing at Fr. Meyer's Sohn


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