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Fr. Meyer’s Sohn and Flowfox expand partnership

Fr. Meyer's Sohn has supported Flowfox from the beginning and expects enormous efficiency gains in the import operations by implementing the Flowfox platform.

After participating in two proof-of-concept phases in Germany of the automated import container release solution from Hamburg-based LogTech startup Flowfox, Fr. Meyer's Sohn announces an expansion of the partnership


Olaf Rathgeb

The collaboration aims to automate the release of import containers and streamline the redelivery processes of empty containers between Fr. Meyer's Sohn and its partner ocean carriers, establishing a standardized and fully digital process. In the status quo, these processes are still highly manual and error-prone.

Olaf Rathgeb, Chief Technology Officer at Fr. Meyer’s Sohn states:

"We see many different solutions for different processes at the ocean lines, which is a challenge for our import teams. Each ocean line has their own procedures that we need to follow, such as manual email communication that causes unnecessary workload and lack of visibility, or tools that require loading wallets, which causes accounting issues. We would therefore like to see our ocean line partners provide Flowfox solutions that enable a unique and standardized process that is fully integrated with our TMS, making it much more customer friendly."

More about FlowFox under: https://www.flowfox.com

Nadine Kinscher-Masur

Corporate Head of Marketing | Fr. Meyer's Sohn


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