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Cruise Control: Tangible Gains


Comprehensive knowledge gives you the ability to act all along your supply chain.

  • Transparent mapping of order processes and real-time tracking
  • Agile management with the aid of a dashboard and customizable alert e-mails
  • Reliable monitoring of supply chain functionality and promptness of delivery (pre-carriage, carriage, on-carriage)
  • Tailored access for buyers, suppliers, haulers, customs brokers, FMS agents
  • Clear responsibilities thanks to the assignment of roles and rights
  • Easy access to shared data and document archives in the system
  • Data security thanks to security by design, penetration tests, white box, code reviews

FMS proactively offers you support in the case of supply chain gaps and problems.

Optimize & perform

Resource optimization allows you to transform your supply chain from a cost center into a strategic advantage.

Time savings thanks to:

  • A transparent, tailored overview
  • More efficient communication based on standardized workflows with clearly assigned responsibilities
  • The simple uploading and provision of documents by and for everyone involved
  • Customer service automation

Cost savings thanks to:

  • Reduced process, warehousing, and transport costs
  • Minimization of circulating capital and reduction in standing costs
  • Optimized cash flow
  • Avoidance of contractual penalties due to delivery delays
  • Reduction in and/or outsourcing of the IT workload
  • Reduction of risks and elimination of error sources
  • Identification of potential for improvements and analysis reports for company/logistics management, among other things by means of set KPIs

FMS will assist you in achieving the ideal supply chain design.

Integrate & simplify

By providing easy access, you can bring all the partners within your supply chain together on one platform.

  • Quick and easy integration, irrespective of the partners' degrees of digitalization
  • Individual adaptability thanks to our own platform and team of developers
  • Straightforward collaboration with all the partners on a single platform
  • Integrated information flow with a shared data pool
  • Consistent, structured, user-friendly interface
  • Available on all devices

FMS will assist you both technical and operationally as a committed service provider.