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Overview Thailand

Insights into the regulations, traditions, and logistics of Thailand.

Currency: Thai Baht Calling code: +6
Area: 513,100 km2 (198,100 sq miles)
Population: 68.86 million
Density: 135 per km2 (350 people per mi2)

1. Are there typical greeting rituals?

Basically, when Thai people meet together, they will have an action that called "WAI" which consists of a slight bow with the palms pressed together. The wai is traditional when younger people who wants to respects older people. Apart from wai, in Thailand; Thai people also have word "Sawaddee" this is the word often spoken with Wai. The most of this greeting always follow by words "Kha"(women) and "Krab" (men).

2. What business rules are to be followed?

Thai people prefer to build personal relationships before discussing business. Very often, issues will need to be repeatedly discussed and at many different levels before any decisions are made. For example, meetings will always take place over lunch or drinks and entertainment is part of developing business relationships.

3. What advantages are there and which of these are actually true?

Thailand is foreigner friendly country and warm welcome of bud dish religion, and is the one of the least expensive places to fly to in Asia, we have the public transport can goes everywhere. The weather in Thailand always hot, so we can visit the beach all of the years.

WAT Phra Kaew Temple | Bangkok
4. What subjects are discussed during small talk?

When Thai people have time for small talk, we always discuss about daily life, social activities, and some of nice restaurant to eat and funny places to visit.

5. What commodities play an important role in the country and to which countries does it export to and from which countries does it import from the most part?

a. Export -Motor cars part and accessories, Machines, Rubber Products, to China, Japan, U.S.A., Europe

b. Import -Fuel Lubricants, Capital Goods, Raw Materials, Consumer Goods from China, Japan, U.S.A, Europe

6. What special logistics obstacles/difficulties are there on location?

According to the question government not promote the part of logistics, lack the people who understand what actual logistical and concept. 

Phuket Island
7. What goods were the most exciting or unusual that were transported by Fr. Meyer's Sohn or of which you have heard?

Auto Part of Airplane import form Indonesia.

8. Are there traditional dishes that are eaten on specific holidays, for instance?

Everyone have heard the word "Tom Yum"? In Thailand Tom Yum Goong (Spicy Shrimp Soup) very famous in here. Tom Yum is both hot and sour and it is the one of signature dishes which Thai favorite.

9. What must absolutely be experienced or seen there?
  • Chiangmai which is the old city area in the north. Its history as a cultural and religious center.
  • Bangkok , the capital of Thailand
  • Wat Phra Kaew Temple
  • The boat filled Chao Phraya River
  • Phuket (PP Island) the beautiful mountains island and also the beach, the people have to come to visit here once time. There are many resort and spa.
Nadine Kinscher-Masur

Corporate Head of Marketing | Fr. Meyer's Sohn


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