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Indonesia City

Overview Indonesia

Insights into the regulations, traditions, and logistics of Indonesia.

Currency: IDR
Calling code: +62
Area: 1.905 million km²
Population: 249.9 million
Density: 144 per km²

1. Are there typical greeting rituals?

Superiors are often called "bapak" or "ibu", which means the equivalent of father or mother, sir or madam.We can introduce ourself with a handshake especially in a business environment. Just remember to use right hand when interacting with people especially when giving and receiving things. A firm handshake will do. Don't squeeze until their eyes pop out. Now that would be embarassing.

2. What business rules are to be followed?

Friendliness, humble, be polite.

3. What advantages are there and which of these are actually true?

As with most group orientated cultures, hierarchy plays a great role in Indonesian culture. Hierarchical relationships are respected, emphaised and maintained.Respect is usually shown to those with status, power, position, and age.This can be seen in both the village and the office where the most senior is expected to make group decisions.Although those higher up the hierarchy make decisions Indonesians are advocates of group discussion and consensus. This ties back to the idea of maintaining strong group cohesiveness and harmonious relationships.

4. What subjects are discussed during small talk?

Current situation including social life, politics, weather, also food

5. What commodities play an important role in the country and to which countries does it export to and from which countries does it import from tze most part?

a. Export
animal or vegetable fats (includes palm oil) exports to South East Asia, Paper export to South East Asia, rubber export to South East Asia and some Africa, furniture and handicraft export to EUR

b. Import
Machinery and Parts for industrial used, FMCG Imports from China, UK, EUR

6. What special logistics obstacles/difficulties are there on location?


7. What goods were the most exciting or unusual that were transported by Fr. Meyer's Sohn or of which you have heard?

Live Rhinos from South Africa to Indonesia

8. Are there traditional dishes that are eaten on specific holidays, for instance?

The end of the month of Ramadan, the Muslim month of fasting. Mass prayers are held in mosques and large open areas around the country. Celebrated with the traditional dish ketupat (Traditional rice dish, cooked in coconut fronds).

Indonesia Landscape
9. What must absolutely be experienced or seen there?
  • The Komodo Dragons
  • Scuba/Snorkel
  • Borobudur
  • Mount Bromo and other Volcanoes
  • Beaches
  • Food & Coffee
  • popular Indonesian foods are satay (like lamb or chicken skewers), nasi goreng (a fried rice plate with other foods added to it like fried eggs, vegetables, and chicken), gudeg (a dish made from boiled young jackfruit, often served with rice, sambal sauce and chicken) and my favorite, sambal sauce - a spicy sauce that can be added rice and many other dishes. 
    Indonesia is also one of the largest coffee producers in the world - the phrase "a cup of Java" actually comes from Indonesia's island of the same name, where the coffee comes from. They are also famous for Kopi Luwak, which is coffee made from the poop of the Luwak - aka civet cat - that has eaten coffee beans and pooped them out. Sounds gross but it is actually rare and quite expensive coffee.
    When we were visiting Indonesia, bananas were very popular everywhere we went, which is no surprise seeing that the country is one of the top six producers of bananas in the world. If we weren't having them at breakfast, we had them as dessert, deep-fried (aka pisang goreng), drizzled with chocolate, or served many other ways.
  • The People
Nadine Kinscher-Masur

Corporate Head of Marketing | Fr. Meyer's Sohn


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Indonesian Business Professional & Education Award 2020

FMS Indonesia received the “Indonesian Business Professional & Education Award 2020” for "Best Freight Forwarding Company of The Year".