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Cruise Control | Benefits

We offer you a tailored solution with a clear benefit. We take your status quo and your needs into account and offer you a target-oriented package accordingly. We devise and implement the precise requirements and processes for this together with you.

Manage & Control

Comprehensive knowledge gives you the ability to act all along your supply chain.

  • Transparent mapping of order processes and real-time tracking
  • Agile management with the aid of individual dashboards and customizable alert e-mails
  • Reliable monitoring of supply chain functionality and promptness of delivery (pre-carriage, carriage, on-carriage)
  • Tailored access for buyers, suppliers, haulers, customs brokers, shipping coordinators, logistics- and warehouse providers, FMS agents
  • Clear responsibilities thanks to the assignment of roles and rights
  • Easy access to shared data and document archives in the system
  • Data security thanks to security by design, penetration tests, white box, code reviews

  • FMS proactively offers you support in the case of supply chain gaps and problems

Optimize & Perform

Resource optimization allows you to transform your supply chain from a cost center into a strategic advantage.

Time savings thanks to:

  • A transparent, tailored overview
  • More efficient communication based on standardized workflows with clearly assigned responsibilities
  • The simple uploading and provision of documents by and for everyone involved
  • Customer service automation

Cost savings thanks to:

  • Reduced process, warehousing, and transport costs
  • Minimization of circulating capital and reduction in standing costs
  • Optimized cash flow
  • Prevention of demmurage and detention costs by prioritizing the call-off
  • Avoidance of contractual penalties due to delivery delays
  • Reduction in and/or outsourcing of the IT workload
  • Reduction of risks and elimination of error sources
  • Identification of potential for improvements and analysis reports for company/logistics management, among other things by means of set KPIs

  • FMS will assist you in achieving the ideal supply chain design

Integrate & Simplify

By providing easy access, you can bring all the partners within your supply chain together on one platform.

  • Quick and easy integration, irrespective of the partners' degrees of digitalization
  • Individual adaptability thanks to our own platform and team of developers
  • Straightforward collaboration with all the partners on a single platform
  • Linking tracking data of all partners
  • Integrated information flow with a shared data pool
  • Consistent, structured, user-friendly interface
  • Available on all devices

  • FMS will assist you both technical and operationally as a committed service provider
Nadine Kinscher-Masur

Corporate Head of Marketing | Fr. Meyer's Sohn


125 years of Fr. Meyer's Sohn | Perseverance and passion

The Hamburg-based freight forwarding and logistics company looks back on a 125-year history and today employs over 850 people at more than 50 locations worldwide. Cross-modal customer solutions are just as much a part of the product portfolio as the analysis and optimization of supply chains or transport-related additional services.


Fr. Meyer's Sohn opens warehouse at the Port of Hamburg for its 125th anniversary

From July 2022, Fr. Meyer's Sohn will manage its own warehouse in the direct vicinity of the Port of Hamburg with >10,000 sqm of warehouse space.


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