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Container Fumigation | Exclusive Capacities at the Port of Hamburg

Strict international requirements for the export and import of wood, such as ISPM-15, require goods to be handled in a professional manner so as not to jeopardize shipments and imports.

This includes ensuring appropriate protection against mold and vermin is provided for logs, solid wood, and wood used as packaging during import and export.
The most efficient form of treatment is fumigation using sulfuryl fluoride, which kills pests in both adult and larval stages. The gas is also highly inert, so there is no damage to your goods. Fumigation takes place in sea containers in accordance with international standards (such as the IPPC International Plant Protection Convention), with the gas being introduced into the containers through hoses.

Container fumigation

  • Fumigation of imported goods infested with pests
  • Fumigation of logs, solid wood, and wood used as packaging during export
  • Quality and product assurance using preventive fumigation in imports and exports 

Our team of experienced, specially trained, and certified fumigation specialists ensures that your products are free from harmful organisms, quarantine pests, and soil
In accordance with the guidelines of the importing country, we issue a fumigation certificate once our work is complete and, if necessary, apply for a phytosanitary certificate for export.

We use our own equipment (including two reach stackers and over 100 vehicles) along with an exclusive fumigation area directly between the Port of Hamburg and the motorway access to ensure your containers are handled quickly and efficiently. 
We are able to fumigate seven days a week and at any time of day to suit your own specific requirements. By heating the containers at extreme outdoor temperatures, we ensure availability all year round. 
The containers are then marked accordingly and vented to ensure all thresholds are met, and entry and exit in the destination country can be guaranteed. This allows us to prevent delays and additional costs at the place of receipt.

  • Dedicated terminal with reach stackers at the Port of Hambur
  • Trained specialist staff (not a third-party provider) and an experienced tea
  • Approved and registered company according to the Federal Emission Control Act (BImSchG)

If you have any questions or would like to make use of our services then please get in touch with us at forestry@fms

Special case: Australia

Legal Requirements

The process of handling toxic gases in Germany is subject to specific regulations and restrictions. The legislation places high demands on fumigation managers and fumigation companies as a result of the quantities and typically difficult areas of application. One of the requirements for being able to carry out fumigation is a certificate of competence. This requires the fumigation supervisor to pass several courses with examinations as well as carry out a number of fumigation procedures first hand. A license from the responsible authority in their home town is also required. The authority checks aspects such as their reliability by examining the official certificate of good conduct. Only then will they issue the certificate of competence.

In order to obtain a fumigation license as a company, then depending on the type of gas, there must be two to four holders of a certificate of competence within the company who can demonstrate the level of qualification as described above.

Our exclusive long-term partner regularly renews its qualifications.

Portrait Nadine Kinscher
Nadine Kinscher-Masur

Corporate Head of Marketing | Fr. Meyer's Sohn


Reorganisation of the Management Board at Fr. Meyer’s Sohn

Heiko Voigt will be appointed Managing Director at Fr. Meyer’s Sohn (GmbH & Co.) KG as of October 1st, 2019. The new Management Board will consist of him and Dominik Lucius.


PPI Transport Symposium 2019

Being the no.1 in international transportation of forest products, we will be once again part of this year’s „PPI Transport Symposium“. The PPI will take place in Tarragona | Spain on September 16 to 18. The must-attend event for anyone involved in the transportation, materials, handling, or distribution of pulp and paper products. We´re very much looking forward to meet you at our „FMS Lounge“ in September.

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