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Customer and partner information | Corona virus


Dear valued partners and customers,

The corona virus currently dominates the media. All operational processes and global supply chains are being affected by the development of the virus. We are strongly committed to mitigate any potential impact on the supply chains and operations of our customers while ensuring the safety of our employees.
Fr. Meyer's Sohn teams are closely monitoring the impact on supply chain continuity and we are in a regular exchange with all FMS offices.

The health and safety of our employees and the operational continuity are our top priority. Given the situation, we have activated working from home opportunities and preventive hygienic measures to safeguard our employees. All offices have implemented actions according to recommendations from the WHO.

All employees are regularly provided with information on the situation and the guidelines.
Fr. Meyer's Sohn has implemented the following measures in order to protect everyone's health and safety:

  • The awareness of the employees was raised to the importance of basic and effective preventive hygiene measures.
  • Employees, who are experiencing flu-like symptoms, have to contact their supervisor first before coming to the office.
  • We always advise them to consult a doctor by phone if they have flu-like symptoms.
  • Business trips are prohibited from now on until further notice.
  • Employees returning to their home countries from high risk countries (holiday or business trips) have to contact their supervisor and will work from home for 14 days after their arrival. Local guidelines that are more restrictive remain in effect.
  • Employees who have come into contact with possible corona-infected people must report this immediately and work from home for 14 days. Local policies that are more restrictive remain in effect.
  • Visitor traffic in our offices is restricted to the bare minimum. Visitors who have been in risk areas in the past 14 days are not allowed to access our offices.

We have prepared contingency plans to ensure operational continuity should multiple employees fall ill, will be quarantined or we even see an FMS office closed for quarantine reasons. We proactively deal with the topic in order to be prepared for possible emergency scenarios and have prepared an emergency plan regarding possible impacts on our offices.

Please do not hesitate to contact your customer service partner at Fr. Meyer's Sohn if you have any questions.


Nadine Kinscher-Masur

Corporate Head of Marketing de Fr. Meyer's Sohn


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