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Container Fumigation | Australia

Container Fumigation for Australia

Container fumigation with SO2F2 - BMSB
Period of approval: September 01, 2019 - April 30, 2020 
Fumigation: as specified by the Australian authorities - maximum 120 hours prior to scheduled ship departure

Gassing station in port area of hamburg.

Our services:

  • Free delivered fumigation area
  • Handling gassing area / parking space rental
  • Gassing notification to the competent authorities
  • Sealing the transport unit
  • Temperature measurement
  • If the gassing temperature falls below 10 degrees -heat up the containers
  • Pre fumigation set up according to Australian Department of Agriculture and Water Resources import regulations according to Fumiguide
  • Measurement of fumigation concentration
  • Ventilation
  • Release certificate
  • Issue of a fumigation certificate per container
  • Notification of documents to Australia
  • Storage fee free time from day of delivery 4 days


Additional services:

  • Redirection within Hamburg
  • Storage of containers for a fee

If the ambient temperature falls below 10 degrees, the energy consumption is calculated separately (Heating up to 10 degrees on the gassing area with high-performance fans).

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