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Our Strengths ­– Your Benefits

Straightforwardness is our trademark.

We are known for our rapid, easily understandable, and integrated full­-service solutions – they form the core of our day­-to-­day work. You have one contact person for all of your needs and profit from a comfortable all­-in-­one solution.

Straightforwardness is our trademark.
  • We make clear decisions and answer quickly
  • We offer easily comprehensive services
  • Our customers receive a single contact person to handle all their concerns
  • Our internal processes are handy and transparent
  • Our lean structure facilitates a straightforward cooperation and short decision-­making channels
Taking care of it is our daily business.

Taking care of it is our daily business. We are passionate service providers. Highly­-complex global supply chains do not always function smoothly. That is when we take care of things.

Taking care of it is our daily business.
  • We will take care of it right away, if things go wrong in customers supply chains
  • We know which transport option, which carrier or which way is the best for each commodity, requirement or price
  • We are interested in our customers’ customers
  • We know our customers and their requirements
  • We have specific country knowledge
  • We consult and support our customers from a neutral perspective
Industry knowledge is our tradition.

Traditionally we place great value on industry, process, and product knowledge. Due to our proximity to customers and goods, we know exactly which transport options are the right ones for your requirements and products. 

Industry knowledge is our tradition.
  • We know our customers, their commodities, their processes and requests
  • We have special security knowledge about commodities, which minimizes the risk
  • We are one with the customer
  • Our industry focus enables specialization
  • Our advanced training extend or know how
Optimization is our strength.


We increase the performance and therefore the value of our customers’ supply chains. We show our expertise in the improvement of service and transit times or the reduction of costs as necessary for specific needs. Our innovative EDP solutions make a decisive contribution towards this. 

Optimization is our strength.
  • We have an integral view on processes and always search for the most efficient solution
  • We consult our customers and optimize their expenditure
  • We counter plan deviations quickly
  • We point out potential for improvement
  • Our SCM Tool analyses customer data and identifies areas with optimization potential
  • Our open communication facilitates internal optimization
Nimbleness is the basis of our success.

Thanks to lean structures we are able to make quick decisions for the successful completion of projects. We are flexible and offer individualized processes and quick adaptations for your requirements.

Nimbleness is the basis of our success.
  • We provide quick feedback, answers and short decision making channels to our customers
  • We support our customers actively and help them to solve their problems
  • We do not have rigid methods allowing us to provide individual tailored solutions
  • Our lean structure facilitates short decision-­making
  • Our employees enjoy a high freedom regarding their decisions and actions

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